Jeff and Shane will help you through every step of the building process.  Jeff will design a home for you to scale that we will attach to the contract and any goodies we agree to.  Once we contract, we will take your floor plan to our architect and he will put your plan on a CAD.  You will once again get to make changes and have input on your design.  Somethings may add costs, and some may not.  We will not finalize your home without the green light from you.

We do require a 10% non-refundable deposit (5% at signing of the contract, and 5% 60 days from the date of the contract).  It takes about 8 months to build a home from contract to close.  We typically need 4-5 weeks after your home is finished with paint to complete a home.

We can also help with financing.  We do a lot of work with Town Square Mortgage and can help introduce you and make sure financing goes smooth.  All lending institutions have a little different way of doing things, and we have seen some folks go through a frustrating experience.  It doesn't have to be this way.

For selections, there are some PDF files we have to send you, and there are a few places we will go with you around town to select items such as countertops, tile, and carpet.  We will help you choose selections and colors for your home, so you will not be alone on this.   We want your home to look great too!

For changes, we ask that you start a new email chain with what you would like to change in the subject line.  We will get you a cost for it, and you can simply tell us yes or no.  There are no costs to make changes, unless we have already ordered the material, etc.  We will need your final mortgage number to be correct about 4 weeks from closing so we want to make sure any additional costs are accounted for at this time.

You will have access to pertinent information for your home at any time through a Dropbox link.  Here we will keep  a master home file, your contract, floor plan, selections, etc.  If you make a change, we will change the master home file so you know.  This way we are always on the same page and synced up!